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Re-amping made simple

re-record electric guitar parts
Radial Reamp Pro-RMP

One of the coolest pro recording studio techniques is called re-amping. Using this easy trick can open up all kinds of creative options for your production. Here's how it works. Record a guitar part straight into your DAW clean, no amp - no distortion.

Now you can send the clean track BACK to the amp for another pass using the Reamp box. This allows you to change the guitar amp settings for a different sound, or use another amp altogether. Another way is to split the guitar signal going to the DAW clean, and to the miked up amp at the same time. Record both tracks at once. Use the clean track to go back to the amp later for a second pass using the Reamp box. Clean gtr track from DAW > Reamp box > amp > mic > new track on DAW Guitar amp inputs are designed for electric guitar signals which are very high impedance. Line level signals sent to the guitar amp without the Reamp box will sound wonky and weird. No bueno. It's like a DI in reverse. So can I use a DI backwards? nope. Doesn't work. #reamp #radial #studiogear #recording

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