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Neo-dime-what now?

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Two common types of magnets go into microphones and speakers: Neodymium and Alnico.

You know those magnets that stick to the fridge so hard you can barely get em off? Those are sometimes called rare-earth but the correct term is Neodymium. (Knee-oh-DIM-ee-um) Useful in speakers because the magnet can be much lighter making the speaker and cabinet a LOT easier

to stuff in the ol Miata. Engineers can easily get more output from a microphone and the sound is often more lively. Shure Beta, EV N/D series, and Miktek PM9 are examples.

Alnico is short for an alloy of Aluminum-nickle-cobalt. A much older technology, but a very stable and reliable one. Hundreds of models of dynamic mics use these types of magnets.

Now you know.

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