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My favorite microphones

Everybody has their favorite mics, just like colors to paint with they give your music personality. Every sound is valid if YOU like it. I always advocate try before you buy, a big reason small local stores are a big advantage. Many (like us) will let you do a home demo. Your ears matter more than anyone else.


Having said all that, I'd like to give a list of some of my favorite mics.

Neumann KM-184. Small diaphragm condenser usually sold in pairs for acoustic guitar, overheads, percussion, anything you want to sound luscious that isn't a vocal. I know I know, a lot of people think the 180 was better, but you know what? You can just go buy a pair of 184's brand new, stick em on your acoustic guitar or over your drums and go---Ahhh, that's what I want to hear.

A close second and way more affordable is the AT 4041 SP stereo pair. They've been making those forever and you can't go wrong. Smooth and detailed if not quite as liquid as the 184's.

Vanguard V-13 tube mic. Large diaphragm condenser for vocals and everthing else.

BIG, ooey-gooey, flattering, and wonderful. You can snag one of these bad boys for only $749 and they will make you happy.

AT ATM-25 large diaphragm dynamic mic for kick drum. Sadly they don't make this one anymore. If you find it used buy it. They are indestructible and sound wonderful on kick or bass cabs.

Shure SM-57. The most popular mic ever made. How can you not have at least two of these? They do what they're supposed to do.

Royer 122 or 121 the ribbon mic to die for. The 122 has more output, the 121 started the ribbon mic renaissance and for good reason. Your guitar amp will love you.

I could get by for a long time with just these mics!

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