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Don't try this at home

The advantages of recording at home are many---low cost, unlimited hours and dress code (you don't have to wear clothes!), and instant access being the obvious ones. But maybe you want your masterpiece to go down in history and you have some cash stashed, what will you gain by using a larger commercial studio? This blog will break down the bullet points for you. 1) Drums. Drums always, and I mean ALWAYS, sound better in a larger well treated room. Back in the day many drum booths were tiny carpet covered affairs with 23 mics stuck everywhere there's a lug nut, but over time engineers and musicians have gravitated towards the openness and realism that a bigger ambient space gives the drums.

Drums being recorded in Studio A Hallowed Halls Portland Oregon

2) Vocals. Most people have nice mics these days but not everybody has an assortment of truly fine large diaphragm condenser vocal mics on hand to choose between and then run through world class compressors and preamps. When you sing through a vintage german mic and a vintage LA-2A with a Neve preamp----well try it sometime! It's impressive and you WILL sing better, I promise.

3) Editing Pro Tools has changed forever the way music is recorded and I'm not going to open up the analog vs digital can-o-worms, but it's a fact that a seasoned professional can use the tools digital recording offers to put your music in the best possible light. And they do it way faster than most of us can ever hope to. There are things they know how to do routinely and as a matter of course that you and I might never even think of, and the small details make all the difference.

4) Ease of Use Recording at home is fun and I highly recommend it, but at times it can be overwhelming when you find you have to wear a lot of hats at once. Using a pro studio will let you focus on your song and your performance. Let the studio engineer worry about the rest. These days a lot of albums are a hybrid of home recording, big studio, and even international collaborations. The technology has never been better. Knowing where to put your money can optimize and refine your project. Then do like my mom always tells me: "play pretty!"

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