Ready to order?

Getting started with CD production begins with the art files. Simply follow the five steps below, and your project will be ready before you know it.


1.) Download the templates you need from our templates tab. There are instructions you can follow on each template. E-mail if you need any assistance setting things up!



2.)  E-mail your completed art files to, or If files are large, we recommend using drop box or Wetransfer. They're free file transferring services that don’t require an account. Include in your name and contact information in your email so we know how to get ahold of you when your project is ready.


2.) Give us your tunes! For a faster turn around time, drop off a physical copy of your master disc to our store. Don't have one? Your mastering engineer should be able to make you one. If you make it yourself, make sure its exactly how you want it, with no ticks or pops! You can also email us your audio files in .wav or .aiff format, or drop them by on a flash drive.


3.) Provide a deposit of half the total cost of your order. You can do this by phone, check, or cash/card if you’re dropping off your master disc in person. Come say hi if you can! We love meeting other musicians! We do deposits instead of collecting in full upfront to make budgeting easier for our clients.


4.) Hang tight while we work on your order. You can call or email for an update any time you want- but we won’t have much information for at least the first few business days. We will call you when your project is ready, unless you prefer email.


5.) Come on by and pick up your order! If you need us to mail it to you, let us know so we can get you a shipping estimate.

General Information:

•Art files should be at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) so they look crisp and high resolution.

•Make sure your template lines don’t get flattened/merged into your original art, or we can’t use the file. If you’re not using a layered

program, just build your art on top of the template lines to the best of your ability, and we’ll adjust it if need be.

•Again, if you provide us with a master disc you made yourself, make sure its exactly how you want it! Double check the spelling, track order, and make sure it doesn't tick or pop! We can't be held liable for duplicate errors produced from a master disc we didn't make. To ensure total satisfaction, listen to your master CD all the way through from top to bottom!

•Turn around times are dependent on current production load and circumstances we can’t control, like sudden illness or the weather. In general though, orders of 100-300 are ready in 7-10 business days or less. 500+ orders are ready in 12-15 business days or less. Bulk discs of 25-300 are ready in 3 business days or less, and 500+ bulk discs are in 7 business days or less.

•Do you have a hard deadline, a special CD release party, or a tour? Please contact us so we can work with your schedule!

•Want a packaging type or quantity not listed on our price list? Call us as (503) 774 2481 or email