About Us

Donny Wright

Donny Wright
Donny is a native Oregonian who has toured the US, played on national and local albums both as a sideman and singer-songwriter, plays bass, guitar, and keys and sings as best he can.  
He worked at Musician's friend way back in the 90's when the catalog was in black and white and no internet! In Portland he worked at Brownell Sound, and most recently spent 17 years at Superdigital.  His knowledge and experience of the pro audio industry makes him uniquely qualified to match the right gear to help customers solve problems and find the tools they'll love.  
When you come in you'll meet his 10 year old Shitzu Oliver who really owns everything.


Kalevi "Kai" Rosehill

Audio tech graduate, tracking engineer, and Head of Productions at your service! I've been in the business for about 5 years now and I love my job. It enables me to meet so many cool people every single day, and network with musicians too! My favorite band is The Sisters of Mercy and I play the keytar. I'm going to listen to your band while I press your CDs.
Kai Rosehill
Donny Wrigh and Kai Rosehill
We make a great team!

We both used to work at Superdigital before creating Astro Audio PDX.  Forming a business partnership was inevitable. When we're not at work, we like to explore new food carts, drink a good craft beer, and listen to new local bands. 


I am Oliver.  I do what I want.  I want you to pet me now.  When you come to Astro Audio PDX, I will be here to allow you to give me the affection I so richly deserve.  I don't bark hardly ever or bite at all but I might be rather aloof if I feel you are not worthy.