Dear friends and customers.


With great sadness and gratitude for your support and business over these last three years (and more counting our time at SuperDigital) we have made the difficult decision to close our store and duplication service.


Covid has been an insurmountable blow.

Other factors contributed.  Gear suppliers are very small business unfriendly reducing our available brands to only a loyal few (Sennheiser and Vanguard being notable and extremely helpful)


We will miss our highly valued relationships with our product reps and customers.  We count them as friends.


We have some gear left that we hope to send to new homes in a pay what you want garage sale.  A date has not been set....we need a month or so to prep.  We need a weekend that's not triple digit temperature!  Watch our Facebook page for that announcement.


The phone number and webpage will die pretty soon.  Message us on FB for my personal cell number for anything you need be it advice, referrals, or dad jokes.


We're not accepting anymore duplication orders, but we can still special order microphones from Sennheiser-Neumann and Vanguard.  We have a few Audix mics left, and there's things we can get from Presonus, however their delivery times are quite slow.


As we fold up, our good friend Hank Failing is opening up a new guitar and pro audio gear store.  Watch his Facebook page for news.  We wish him the best.


Please accept our humble and grateful thanks for everything.  We love you all.

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